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June is the best organizer I know. She turned my home from 'clutter-full to clutter-free.' She is excellent at analyzing the flow of a room and the best use of space. She incorporates your goals for each room and your vision for how you ultimately want your home to be and then makes a plan to get your there. She made the process as pleasant as possible and it is such a relief to now have a place for everything. It is so rewarding to go from a garage where you can not find anything to one where you can actually park your car! It is so liberating to get rid of the things you do not need and then have a good order for the things you do actually use. Simplification, serenity, peace are some of the gifts that come from working with June and they are priceless as she is. – Jennifer

I called June Smith, owner of A Bit of Order, this past fall and told her that I needed help and badly. Clutter was taking over my home and slowing me down. She came over assessed my 'junk rooms' and calmly and kindly came up with a plan that suited my needs. We worked together and went through layers of clutter on a schedule that worked for me. Not only did I enjoy her no-nonsense and patient approach, but I learned valuable organizational skills that I am using today. I now have an office instead of a junk room and got my living room and dining room back in order. What a difference! I highly recommend A Bit of Order. June Smith is professional and easy to work with. I just want to say again to June Smith – thank you. – Elizabeth

So, I'm following advice I received before this move, which was to purchase a small notebook that I write everything about the move into. So, now at the end of a day, thanks to you, I'm transcribing all of my chicken scratches into this little notebook. In many other things, I'm hearing your voice ask, 'Is this working for you? If not, what are you going to do about it?' When I'm looking through a stack of papers (i.e. unmade decisions), I'm trying to touch the papers once and toss/sort/file as much as I can. It's such a freeing feeling! Thanks so much! You have no idea what a blessing you are being to me. – Linda

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